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Finding Lasting Joy

[Neh 8:10 NKJV] 10 Then he said to them, “Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for [this] day [is] holy to our Lord. Do not sorrow, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

[Psa 21:1 NKJV] 1 To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David. The king shall have joy in Your strength, O LORD; And in Your salvation how greatly shall he rejoice!

[Hab 3:18 NKJV] 18 Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.

[Psa 35:27 NKJV] 27 Let them shout for joy and be glad, Who favor my righteous cause; And let them say continually, “Let the LORD be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.”

[Isa 29:19 NKJV] 19 The humble also shall increase [their] joy in the LORD, And the poor among men shall rejoice In the Holy One of Israel.

[Jer 15:16 NKJV] 16 Your words were found, and I ate them, And Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart; For I am called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts.

[Mat 25:21 NKJV] 21 “His lord said to him, ‘Well [done], good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’

  • Neh 8 – Take JOY from God’s STRENGTH.
  • PS 21 & Hab 3 – Take JOY from your SALVATION.
  • PS 35 – Take JOY from the fact that it pleasures God to PROSPER you.
  • Isa 29 –Take JOY from your HUMBLENESS.
  • Take JOY even when you are POOR.
  • Jer 15 – Take JOY from God’s WORD.
  • Mat 25 – Take JOY from your FAITHFULLNESS

Conspicuously absent from this list, is praise. There is only a  couple of verses where JOY and Praise is found together in the same verse. None of these verses say or even imply that praising God will bring you JOY. In fact the Psalms seem to imply the opposite:

[Psa 42:4 NKJV] 4 When I remember these [things], I pour out my soul within me. For I used to go with the multitude; I went with them to the house of God, With the voice of joy and praise, With a multitude that kept a pilgrim feast.

[Psa 43:4 NKJV] 4 Then I will go to the altar of God, To God my exceeding joy; And on the harp I will praise You, O God, my God.

These imply you need to ALREADY have JOY when you GO to praise God!

Maybe this is because praise might at best bring TEMPORARY happiness or because God wants your praise to be filled with JOY from the start. We should not praise to GET our JOY, we should show and GIVE our JOY with our praise…

LASTING JOY comes from:

  • Neh 8 – God’s STRENGTH
  • PS 21 & Hab 3 – Your SALVATION
  • PS 35 – God’s pleasure in PROSPERING you
  • Isa 29 – Your HUMBLENESS, irrespective of your circumstances
  • Jer 15 – God’s WORD
  • Mat 25 – Your FAITHFULLNESS

Note how satan attacks us in these areas:

  • Neh 8 – He makes you doubt God’s STRENGTH and mightiness
  • PS 21 & Hab 3 – He make your doubt your SALVATION
  • PS 35 – He convinces you that God does not want to PROSPER you
  • Isa 29 – He breaks your HUMBLENESS, and inflates you pride
  • Jer 15 – He interrupts, postpones and steals your time from God’s WORD
  • Mat 25 – He kills your FAITHFULLNESS, and increases your doubts.

In all these areas He steals, kills and destroys your JOY and makes you MISERABLE!

So whenever you feel miserable, determine in which area(s) satan is busy attacking you. Then speak His promises / Word over your situation, pray about it, get edification and support from fellow believers or renew and transform you mind (Rom 12:2) in these areas:

  • Neh 8 – Increase your meditation and understanding of God’s STRENGTH and mightiness
  • PS 21 & Hab 3 – Increase your understanding of what your SALVATION means, what it cost God to bring it to you, what rewards you will receive in heaven
  • PS 35 – Increase your convictions that we serve a GOOD God, that takes PLEASURE in PROSPERING you in all areas, not just materially
  • Isa 29 – Work on cultivating your HUMBLENESS – God cannot stand pride, this is the number one sin that leads to so many others and is what made satan fall. Note it explicitly states the MORE humble you are, the MORE your JOY will INCREASE!
  • Jer 15 – Increase your study of God’s WORD, the more you daily live and eat of His Word, the more JOY you will have.
  • Mat 25 – Increase your FAITHFULNESS, kill any doubts and build your faith. Surround yourself with people that will build and edify your faith. The more you doubt His mightiness, His Plan and His faithfulness, the less JOY you will have.

This creates a lasting JOY, sufficient to carry you through any hardships here on earth.

Do not let satan steal your JOY – and when you catch him doing so, use the above to get it back!


Journey To God

I felt strangely prompted /motivated to put my journey to finding God and Jesus onto paper. So this treatise / rant /blog details exactly that. I am a university graduate and a software engineer /developer. So I have a very scientific / factual mind and therefore I struggled immensely to reconcile my religion growing up, with what we were being taught at school and university. In fact, I could not do it at all, and in essence I became an atheist. My favorite questions to any religious persons I met were:
“There are plenty of religions out there, each believes he is correct. How do you know which one is really correct?”
“Given the advanced scientific explanations for how the universe came into existence (Big Bang) and how life is created (Evolution), what is the point of religion? I mean, if your god then claimed he created life or the universe then your religion is a lie, as we can explain how it happens scientifically.”
Luckily (or rather providentially) I have since found the answers.
And they are rather quite glaringly obvious. The next section details my journey and conclusions as they were revealed to me.

2         Satan really does exist

So I already had an explanation for how life and the universe were created. I therefore had no need for a God to exist. I am a bit of conspiracy theory nut, and I did a lot of research regarding information I found in various documentaries. This took me down a life changing avenue, where I became convinced that Satan really does exist.

2.1       Illuminati

There are various web sites, documentaries and independent researchers on the Illuminati. There is absolutely no doubt that they really do exist and that they are controlling and steering world events to fulfill their most grand scheme of creating a One World Order. Simply look at the American one dollar bill, to see their all seeing eye atop a pyramid with the slogan “A new world order”. One of the most astounding documentaries I found is by Bill Schnoebelen – “Exposing the Illuminati from within“. He was a hippy spiritualist, and through his “Spirit Guide” were lead deeper into the occult. Through one of his teachers, he was referenced to the Free Masons, which he eventually joined. He quickly went “up the ranks” and soon got pulled into the Illuminati which exist secretly inside the Free Masons. Here he literally became a vampire, met fallen angels and basically sold his soul to the devil. His life eventually came apart at the seams but he was saved by Jesus. After this he came out and exposed all he knew.

2.2       Rock bands

I found a shocking documentary from Cross TV called “They sold their souls for Rock and Roll“. It details how most of the well known artists and bands “worship” Satan through their music. They show various examples not only in the lyrics of the music, but also what the artists themselves say publicly in interviews. They really do their best to shock you in the documentary out of the “dream world” that so many people live in. I could not watch the entire documentary as it just keeps getting worse and worse, to think that this happening so openly without anyone batting eyelid is just crazy!

2.3       Media

I am so thankful for the Internet! Once you start to see how the media, especially the various news services are “spinning” their stories to fit their agenda, you can but wonder to what end? Just open your eyes and have a good look at the filth showing in cinemas these days, or take a closer look at the garbage they are broadcasting to our kids! There is no doubt most of the big media companies are owned by a select few individuals and this allows only one conclusion: It is Satan’s biggest and best weapon and he is brainwashing our youth right under our noses. See the video by Stephen Dollins – “The Occult in your Living Room“.

2.4       Money

An excellent documentary that shows how money enslaves people, is the video called “The Money Masters“. It details how entire countries are controlled by essentially a few extremely wealthy families. It shows how they gained this control and how the Federal Reserve system was engineered by them. There is really nothing federal about a federal reserve bank. It does not form part of the government, but are controlled by the banks in that particular country. They essentially print money for nothing and then sell it back to the government with interest!
It is absolutely astounding that no one knows about this practice or how this enslaves any country in an endless debt and inflation cycle. This truly shows just how far Satan’s reach has spread, and it will not be long before he will use money to enslave the entire world.

2.5       Confessions from Satanists

There is plenty of literature available from people that have at one time been Satanists; a good example is Bill Schnoebelen. To hear just how far they go in their occult rituals, and to get their testimony
on how they were saved is amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that these people are telling the truth as they have nothing to gain by lying about it, but everything to lose.

3         Evolution is a Lie

I really took evolution for granted initially. I am totally indebted to Dr Kent Hovind for opening my eyes to the possibility that evolutionists really do not have a lot to go on. The most astounding reasons
against evolution I will discuss below.
I also found in the Answers in Genesis website and Creation Magazine a true treasure trove of scientific reasons for why evolution simply does not exist. It is just as much a religion as Christianity because you have to believe it, based on no real scientific proofs. There is nothing wrong with the science behind evolution; Christians have no problem with survival of the fittest or speciation, as the animals still
produce after their own kind. Contending however that one kind of animal can evolve into another kind is an absolute lie, with no proofs having been found ever.
Most of the topics listed below are discussed and explained in the video “Creation – Science Confirms the Bible Is True“.

3.1       Irreducible Complexity

Intelligent Design is one of the latest scientific movements that aim to prove that for life to exist, that there must have been a creator or designer. One of their theories is called Irreducible Complexity. It contends that for any machine like a mousetrap or car engine, that it becomes irreducible complex when the machine cannot function if you take away any of its components. This means there must be a creator, or someone that had to design and build the machine. Because even if you could find all the components of the machine in its raw form in nature, and you take them all and throw it a bag and start to shake it, what are the chances of you getting a working mouse trap or engine when you empty the bag?
When you apply the above theory to living machines you get astounding results. There are organs like your eyes for example, that contains different components which are irreducibly complex. If you take away any one of the components, then the eye simply does not work. It is therefore highly improbable for it to evolve, as either all the components had to evolve all at once, or the different components
had to be evolved separately over time.
The first is clearly not likely, while the latter means humans at some time, had no eyes and then evolved one component of the eye, which on it’s had absolutely no use. It is only once all the components are put together that you have a useful organ. Why or how would all these components be evolved if they had absolutely no use on its own?

3.2       Information Science

Information science has come a long way since the advent of the computer. One of the clear concepts of it is, that wherever you find information, there must have been some intelligence that wrote / created it. We now know that all the information for our cells to function is stored in the DNA. DNA is essentially a long list of codes, or information. The question now becomes who created the DNA?
Another precept of information science is that random natural acts never create information. There is therefore no way for the sequence of DNA to be added to or changed so that a new organ for instance can be added. Random acts or changes to existing information, always destroys or degrades it.
Nowhere in nature has it ever been observed that any information have been added to DNA. The only changes that have been observed in DNA  is where the DNA have been copied incorrectly and this always lead to a loss of some parts of the DNA. If this loss turns out to be beneficial to the animal, then it will reproduce more successfully thus leading the defect to be spread through the entire population. Examples are:
– Insects on windy islands that lost their wings
– Drug resistant bacteria and viruses
The above cannot be cited as examples of evolution as no new information has been created.

3.3       Did Evolution stop?

Evolution says that one kind of animal evolves over time and can eventually turn into a completely different animal. This apparently happens very slowly over vast stretches of time. However, nowhere have we ever found an animal with half an eye for example, and they are still looking for the missing links between primates and humans. There have been a few claims, but they have all been debunked as forgeries. Nowhere have they ever found any animals with any transitional forms, that sits in- between a mammal and a bird for instance. All animals we find, have fully developed organs and appendages. Nowhere do we find any animals with half a wing formed, or that are in the process of developing a new organ etc. These “missing links” are nowhere to be found, and even Darwin said this would be death-blow to his theory.
Did evolution just stop happening all of a sudden? Shouldn’t we still be seeing fishes crawling out of the sea and onto land for the first time today? Or how about a mammal with some feathers or half a leg
Is evolution not a continually happening process? Why don’t we see any examples in nature? Nor anywhere in the fossil record?

3.4       Dating techniques

2 Common methods for dating is carbon 14 dating or radiometric dating. Carbon 14 dating measures the amount of carbon 14 atoms left in a sample compared to carbon 12. Carbon 14 atoms are unstable and spontaneously turn into carbon 12 atoms over time. The same goes for radiometric dating where they measure unstable atoms like uranium that turn into lead.
Both of these methods though are based on uniformism. That means things have generally been the same as it is now, in the past. The problem is that these do not cater for calamities like the flood
for instance. You also need to make a lot assumptions like:
– The initial conditions was known
– Decay rate is constant
– No contamination
These methods are notoriously inaccurate as they often give incorrect results for known ages. For instance rocks from recent volcano eruptions yield ages much older than what they should, or even negative ages in some instances – i.e. the rock has not yet been formed. Also all carbon dating on coal, always yield ages less than a few thousand years! Now these could actually be correct given that the
earth is only a few thousand years old.)

3.5       Trees petrified in different layers

Called “Polystrate Fossils“. When excavations by archeologists are made, they always date the objects they find by the different layers of rock. So the bottom layer would be 1 million years old and the next 800000 and so forth. Did you know that they’ve found trees petrified across the different layers? Some even upside down! How is that possible if each layer separated by thousands of years!
The only explanation could be a flood where trees are cast adrift, then settles upright in the mud, because one end is more buoyant, and then petrifies.

3.6       Un-petrified Dinosaur bones

Actual dinosaur bones have been found which still contained blood cells which have not yet been petrified. If the bones are indeed millions of years old as evolutionists claim, then this would be absolutely impossible! The fact that the entire bone has not yet been petrified is proof that the bone is not really that old.

3.7       Dating rock layers

Ever wondered how they date the rock layers? Well they date the layers based on the fossils found in them. So how do they date the fossils then? They do so by looking at the layer it is found in. Now please explain to me how this circular reasoning makes sense…

3.8       Mitochondrial Eve / Y chromosome Adam

Some of latest research on the mitochondria of females have yielded the surprising (if your an evolutionist) result that all humans are related to a single female, that lived around 6000 years ago. Similar research on male Y chromosomes of males has shown the same results.

3.9       Mt St Helens

Mt St Helens is a volcano that erupted a few years back. This eruption was studied extensively by scientist, and it caused a whole lot of snow to melt at the peak, which caused a massive flood at the base. The mud deposits and mini canyon the flood carved at the foot of the mountain, produced in a single day the exact same type of rock formations and erosion seen in the Grand Canyon!

4         Reasons for a God to exist

Here follow a couple of logical reasons why I think a god must exist.

4.1       The universe

There is the story of a Christian that walked into the barbershop to get a haircut. So he and the barber starts chatting eventually the conversation turns to God. “God does not exist” the barber recons “because if he did exist, there would no pain or suffering or sickness in the world, since he would simply not allow it to be”.
The Christian had no ready answer so kept quiet, but as he walked out the shop he saw this homeless unkempt guy sitting on the pavement with a huge beard and a bush of hair. So he turns around and walks back into the barber shop and tells the barber, that ” I think barbers does not exist!” “How can this be”, the barber asks, “You are standing in my shop and just had a haircut?” “Well” the Christian
recons, “if there were any barbers in the world, we would not have any people with unkempt and uncut hair like the homeless guy sitting out front…”
The atheist’s standpoint is that the simplest or default position is that God does not exist. They believe in naturalism or that anything can and should be explained by natural causes, as this is the only things we can and do observe in our world. They believe that they do not need to invoke the supernatural to account for anything in their lives.
So how do we account for the universe’s existence? Science has now proven that the universe is finite, that it did have a beginning. So what started it? Their best explanation: “Nothing exploded and became everything”, the Christian explanation, “God did it”. Which is really the simpler explanation?
See some debates by Dr. William Lane Craig and other speakers.

4.1.1         Fine Tuning

Science has been advanced so far, that we now know of over a 100 constants in nature, which is so finely tuned that a deviation of less a millionth would have ensured that live as we know it, would not exist.
Scientists have calculated that the odds of this happening are so slim, it is just about impossible for random acts of nature to account for this. Take gravity or the strong and weak nuclear forces between atoms, the placement and tilt of the earth around the sun, the size and distance of the moon, any changes in these and live on earth would not exist.

4.1.2         First Cause

The law of cause and effect says that everything in the world is a chain of causes and effects going right back in time. Since we know that the universe had a start, what was the First Cause? What (or Whom) set everything in motion? If you had absolutely nothing in the beginning, they why didn’t it just stay that way? How can absolutely nothing just explode for no reason and cause everything? It makes more sense to believe in a God, than to believe the entire universe and all its beauty and complexity just randomly came about out of nothing.

4.2       Objective Morality

I came across a few debates between Christian and atheist speakers. I was quite surprised to see Christian speakers choosing morality as one of the points to defended as being a proof for God to exist. This is quite a difficult topic to explain but once you start to think about it, it really makes sense. The main point is that all humans have built into them, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, or morality.
The best example I can think of is to ask anyone to look at two pictures and to label them, either good or bad. Imagine the first picture of a mother, handing her little baby boy a beautiful little flower. The second picture is the same, but here she hands him an AK-47.
Can you imagine any human being, of any creed or background labeling these pictures any other way than the obvious? Where does this ability come from? The atheist also claimed that any and all things could be explained by scientific method. How, I wonder do you account for things like love, beauty, compassion etc.
The only way to account for this is to suggest that an all loving all powerful God instilled these principles in our basic human nature. No other living thing, not even a computer will be able to distinguish between these pictures, to tell which is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, to explain love or have any compassion. Yet human beings have this innate ability.
The atheist’s response was that these good traits in humans were learned and necessary since these helped humans and society to survive. The problem with this is that it does not account things like compassion, where a person willingly gives something up, that is to his detriment, to help someone in need. For example, charity or being a doctor or a firefighter that rushes in to save someone.
To make the opposite argument: If there is no God, then there is no yardstick, and then anything should go or be allowed. Yet by observing basic human nature, we see the opposite and these unexplained abilities. Does this not show that there is indeed a God?

4.3       Consciousness

Atheist that take their beliefs about the world to the logical conclusion, believe that we are all random chance / energy bouncing around the universe. There is no real meaning to life, and that whatever you think and do is just the result of your brain chemistry. How I wonder do they explain the fact that humans can reason and think logically and explain this to other humans, and make them come to the same conclusions. This would not be possible if there was not something outside ourselves that sets the benchmark and rules that we can adhere to, and would allow the transfer of knowledge. Nowhere in the animal kingdom do you find self-conscious beings except humans. Why can’t animals also communicate or think logically?
As a computer programmer / engineer I can categorically confirm that there is just absolutely no way to ever create a true AI that is conscious. Sure you can train a computer to analyze and make decisions or computations, but there is no way for computers to even communicate without some kind of protocol being programmed into both communicators from the outside.
The mere fact that the computer program exists, must mean that there is a designer that made it, because it contains information, it obeys certain rules and can apply logic. The same holds true for any cell. It also contains information (DNA) and has the ability to react and defend itself and can apply logic by following various steps and procedures when synthesizing its own proteins or replicating, or specializing to do specific jobs or functions. All cells have the same blueprint, yet can perform different functions.
The cell is actually a wonderfully built warehouse of machinery, which have closed loops and dependant systems within it. If any one component breaks down or is removed, the entire cell will die. There is just no way for it evolve by random chance processes.
This truly is amazing and astounding evidence for a designer, yet people willfully ignore this! We don’t realize just how unique and different and special we really are…

5         There must be a God

If there really is a completely bad / destructive force in the world, like Satan, then surely the opposite must true? Especially since we debunked in the previous section, the only good scientific explanation (evolution) for how we got here.
It now makes sense why Satan needs to hide himself from the world, as you have but one conclusion to come to and that is that a creator / designer must exist, if Satan exists.
The definition of God is that He is the most powerful and absolute best / good being that we can conceive of. So if you can conceive of a better or more powerful God / attribute of God, then that is the definition.

5.1       Omnipotent

Omnipotent means he is all powerful and can do anything. This makes me wonder, what would an all powerful all knowing being do? I am sure He is more than capable of creating autonomous self aware beings, like angels for instance with their own will. Of course all angels are fully aware of God’s majesty, and should therefore have no problem following and / or worshipping him. That is until Satan fell and apparently took a 3rd of angels with him.
So what better way to create life, than to create a universe in a separate dimension? This allows for the created life to be separated (somewhat) from God, thus giving them the ultimate gift: Free will / choice.
Satan’s first and biggest lie (even to this day), was to eve where he claimed:
Genesis 3:4 The serpent said to the woman, “Surely you will not die, 3:5 for God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will open and you will be like divine beings who know good and evil.”
I.e. Eating from the tree will make you god (-like).
Unfortunately free choice also gives you the ability to willfully decide to harm someone else, and thus sin enters the world, where you have the choice to turn against God’s intended purpose for your life.

5.2       Omnipresent

Omnipresent means He is everywhere. Since He created time, He surely cannot be bound or limited by it, and this allows Him to be everywhere at once.

5.3       All Knowing

Since God created everything in our universe, down to the smallest details, and since He is everywhere and aware of everything that has / is / will happen, He must be All knowing. With all the knowledge in the world must come all the  wisdom. With all the wisdom in the world must come all the “justness” then as well.

6         Which God?

So our reasoning has lead us to the conclusion that if Satan really exists, and we have no good scientific explanation for how we got here, then a God really must exist. The question now becomes: Which
one? According to our attributes, this God needs to be omnipotent, omnipresent, all knowing and all just. You can literally go shopping these days, with all the gods available to you. You can even become a god yourself! How do you know which one (God or religion) is the correct one then? They can’t all be correct.
Let’s apply our logical thinking some more, and build on the conclusions we’ve made so far.

6.1       Oldest Religion

If God has existed since the beginning of time, then surely the oldest religion should be the correct one? As far as I know Christianity (and the Jews) is the oldest.
The Christian belief, through the oldest book in history, even goes as far as detailing:
– How everything was created
– Has a detailed chronology of the history of the world
– Has a detailed genealogy of its principal families
– Details how the world was destroyed in a global catastrophic flood. If you do the research on evolution, this is the best fit for the facts we observe in nature.

6.2       Attacks from Satan

Since we showed that Satan exists, it makes sense that he would attack and do his best to destroy any following of the correct God.
There is little doubt that it is indeed happening with Christianity if you look at:
– How the bible has been “translated” into new versions where the core meaning of a lot of the verses have been changed. See the video by The Prophecy Club – Gail Riplinger – “New Age Bible Versions
– The persecution of Christians throughout the entire world and history
– The divisions of the church and false teaching in many. Specifically in the Roman Catholic Church, see the video by Dave Hunt – “A Woman Rides the Beast

6.3       Attributes of God

Since I believe in an all knowing, all wise and all just God, you do not have to search far to find the correct religion. You do not even have to make deep investigation into most religions, to find them promoting either or all of the following:
– Hate / War
– You are your own god and can decide right and wrong for yourself.
– Superiority over some or all other people, even within the religion through various ranks or authorities
Christianity is the only religion which has at its core, all the attributes required:
– Love / Peace
– You will be judged by God
– All people are equal, deeply in sin and in need of a savior)

6.4       Exorcisms

I do not think there is any real doubt that the occult exist, and things like devils / spirits really do have the ability to possess someone or something. As far as I am aware, the Christian faith is the only one that successfully does exorcisms and it indicates Whom really has the final authority.)

6.5       The Bible Message

The Bible itself is a truly amazing book, and I honestly do not think anyone can have any doubt, after sufficient examination, that it is indeed a divinely inspired book. It contains a uniformly integrated message written by more than 60 different authors over thousands of years. Only a God outside of time could have inspired the writing of it. I find the series of videos by Dr Chuck Missler called “Learn the bible in 24 hours” a truly amazing overview on what exactly is contained in the Bible and how everything fits together.)

6.6       Prophecy

Since God is outside time, He surely knows (from our perspective) what will happen in the future. So the correct religion / God should have prophecies that have indeed come true. Most religions have very few prophecies in them, and those that do are too vague to be convincing. Christianity on the other hand has hundreds of prophecies that have come 100% true. Many of these are so specific and detailed, that coincidence is statistically impossible. See the video by Dr. Chuck Missler called “Prophecy 101“.

6.7       Bible Code

One of the most amazing discoveries in the Bible, is that the original Hebrew text, actually contains hidden messages and words within the text itself. If you take every 10th letter for instance in
certain passages, then they spell out additional words, which are statistically unlikely to be found.
A person needs to be very careful when examining this topic though. As Dr Chuck Missler likes to quip, “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything”. Statistically speaking, with the help of modern day computers, you can search the bible for almost any word, at different letter spacing, and you will probably find it. Those do not mean much, as you expect this to happen statistically, given a big enough text, like the entire Bible.
There are other sequences though that was found, which spell out entire sentences, or family names, or lists of trees, all encoded within specific passages in the Bible. These cannot be coincidental, and are statistically nearly impossible. To me it shows that a higher power is at work, and it attests to the claim that the Bible itself makes, that it is divinely inspired.
It also serves as a “signature”, and shows that these texts had not been tampered with or changed in any way, since if you add or remove just one letter to these passages, it will break the entire sequence. Please see the “Cosmic Codes” slide shows from Dr Chuck Missler for more detailed information.

6.8       Miracles

Most miracles I’ve ever heard of, people being miraculously healed, saved from dangerous situations etc. have all been Christians. Nowhere do I find these kinds of stories in any other religions. Now why would that be I wonder…

6.9       Israel

Israel should not exist today. If you do the research on how Israel came into being, you will be astonished. Remember that the Israel state as it exists today, only came into being in the 1940’s, after it was ratified by the UN and America. Today it is in the center of world politics, and one of the most hotly contested areas of the world. More than a few nations would not hesitate to wipe Israel off the map, and the fact that it does exist (as was predicted according to bible prophecy), and are defending itself against enormous odds, is just amazing, and shows how God is actively involved with his chosen people.

6.10  The historicity and accuracy of the bible

It is quite amazing just how accurate the bible has proven to be historically. As archeologists and historians compare their findings with the bible, it was found that bible has been extremely accurate.
They even found cities buried under ground exactly where the bible said they were. Also when comparing the chapters in the bible with those found in the Dead Sea scrolls, the differences were minimal. So it shows just how trustworthy the bible really is. If it is so accurate historically, then it is very unlikely that it was fabricated in any way.

6.11  Jesus

I used to think the bible just was a collection of very old stories, collected in a book by the Jews. I never thought the bible could be taken literally or even historically or be very reliable.
It therefore came as really big surprise to me, when I found just how historical the bible actually is, by watching a series of debates between Christian, atheist, Muslim and scientific speakers.
I never realized that you can take the Jesus resurrection story as historical fact, to me it was more allegorical, or legend. Once you look at the story though from a purely historical point of view, the following facts can be derived:
Fact 1: Jesus was a real historical person.
a. The Jews have records of him in sources outside the bible and in their traditions.
b. Multiple other historical documents mention Jesus
c. The New Testament gospels were in effect historical documents and letters circulated within the very earliest churches by the disciples
Fact 2: Jesus really was crucified
a. The Jews themselves admit to this.
b. Multiple sources outside the bible attest to it.
c. All the gospels record it.
Fact 3: Jesus’ tomb was found empty
a. Empty tomb story is part of Mark’s very old sources, where the women found the empty tomb.
b. Mark’s account of the empty tomb is attested to by multiple independent sources (Matthew and John).
c. Tomb was discovered empty by women. This would have caused embarrassment to the Jews, as women were not even allowed to witness in a Jewish court. So the fact that it was women that found the tomb means it was very likely not made up.
Fact 4: Jesus appeared to people after his death
a. The list of eye witnesses quoted by Paul was done in letters written within 7 years of the crucifixion, so it cannot be legendary or traditional.
b. The appearances seen by disciples are attested to by multiple other people. For example:
i. The appearance to the women was attested to by Mathew and John.
ii. Appearance to Peter attested to by Luke and Paul
iii. Appearance to the 12 attested to by Luke, John and Paul
Fact 5: The Disciples had an extremely strong belief in the Resurrection
The following list details reasons why you would not expect the Disciples to proclaim a resurrected Jesus:
a. According to Jewish traditions and expectations, Jesus was the Messiah sent by God to the Jews to be their King, and take away their suffering and make them a great nation. After he was crucified and dead, it means he could not have been it.
b. According to Old Testament law, Jesus’ crucifixion exposed him as a heretic, a man accursed by God.
c. Jewish belief of the afterlife precluded anyone from rising from the dead, before the last general resurrection at the end of the world.
Despite the above, the disciples were somehow convinced that Jesus was indeed raised from the dead. This belief was so strong, that the Christian church was born and all of the Disciples were martyred and persecuted for proclaiming the Resurrection story of Jesus.
The only good explanation is that this is what really happened.
Now, from the above 5 facts, you can deduce that God really did raise Jesus. Had Jesus only died on the cross, and were not resurrected; it would have meant he was just a heretic, and not really Whom He claimed to be. The fact that he was raised means God actually endorses Jesus’ ministry on earth and also what Jesus said about Himself and God.
So the only true faith / God are Christianity.

7         Personal Experience

From personal experience I can tell you that since I gave my life to Jesus that he has intervened in it numerous times. The scales have been taken off my eyes, and you begin to see things from a different perspective that shows how the entire world is involved in a battle for souls and between good and evil. Everyone needs to pick a side, there is no in-between. What will happen if you die tonight? Is there life for you after death?

7.1       Prayer

Numerous prayers that I have made have been answered. Some immediately, others took a while, and others still am I awaiting an answer on. I have come to trust in God though, things do not always work out the way you want them to, but for the better still…

7.2       Angus Buchan

About a week after I prayed for South-Africa for the first time, Angus Buchan had his first interview on Carte- Blanche. He is a true evangelist, and is busy with meetings all over South-Africa. Miracles are happening where- ever he goes, and he is creating the biggest revival South-Africa has ever seen. I attended his men’s conference on his farm, where he managed to gather around 300 000 men for a weekend of prayer and meetings. Truly an amazing experience, you could feel the presence of Lord in everything that happened that weekend.)

8         Where to from Here?

Ken Ham, the founder of the web site “Answers in genesis” says it all in his video “State of the Nation address for 2009“.
It is my sincere hope that this presentation served to convince you of the following:
– Satan really does exist
– Evolution is a lie
– There really is a God
– The Christian God is the right One
Even if this does not convince you, I hope that I triggered enough doubt, that you will investigate these things for yourself…

8.1       God cares

You know, once you start to start to realize that there really is a God and you do the research on what gods are available, you very soon realize that Christianity is completely unique. Nowhere do you find anything remotely similar. Most other gods really do not the fit the profile of a completely just and loving God. A truly just god would require some kind of retribution or payment for sin. No human is completely sinless, no matter how good a life you  lead, you just will not ever measure up to a god’s standards. The only solution to this problem is found in Christianity, where God became a man, lived
the perfect live and became the perfect sacrifice / substitute for the redemption of our sins. All you need to do is accept it and believe it. Is this not the ultimate proof of just how much he cares and loves us?!

8.2       God sees

Most people, even some Christians, fail to realize the implications of a truly omnipresent omnipotent God. It means NOTHING in our universe, at any time, or anywhere happens without his say-so or knowing about it. No atom splits or reacts, no light beam shines anywhere in any place. Think about the implications of this for a second…
Why do people pray silently? Are silent prayers heard by God? He wouldn’t be much of a God if He couldn’t, now would He? What does this imply?
Yes, it means God is intimately aware of exactly what YOU ARE THINKING. And hence the whole emphasis in Christianity about transforming your entire being and way of living.
I trust God will lead you down your own path to Him.
Just stop hiding behind the easy excuses that evolution provides:
If we can scientifically explain the way things are, there is no need of a God, and you can therefore decide for yourself what is right or wrong, and when you do wrong, you can blame it on your animal lusts and nature.
I find most people instinctively realize that there is more to this life, and that there must be Creator. We have all these “scientific” theories though which explains why He does not exist. You therefore get a LOT of “luke– warm” people in this world whom:
– attends church one day a week;
live generally good lives, when it suits their own agenda
– live according to their own conscience and not God’s will
All this is done of course, just in-case there really is God, and he really is watching. They hope they do just enough good, to get a foot in the door.
Unfortunately this is not good enough!
Good people do not go to heaven, Christians do!

8.3       God Judges

God clearly spelled out what He expects from any man in the 10 commandments:
Though shalt:
– have no other gods beside Him
– worship any earthly thing
not take His Name in vain
– keep the Sabbath
– honor you parents
not kill
not commit adultery
not steal
– bear false witness
– covet anything that does not belong to you
That does not sound too difficult does it?
Until you get to the New Testament and see the exacting standards that God expects. Jesus declares that even thinking a murderous thought, looking at a woman with lust or the tiniest little white lie actually breaks these commandments.
So we are all basically: Blaspheming, idol worshipping, Sabbath breaking, murdering, thieving, adultering, envying liars.
The only way to escape God’s judgment we so rightly deserve is through Jesus.
Get real and get serious about your salvation!
Time is short!
The final events of Bible prophecy are being unfolded as we speak!

8.4       This Journey

This has been an amazing journey!
It started off as un-satiable thirst for the mysterious and unexplained. This lead me through various “conspiracy theories”, which I investigated from different sources to determine what was really true. One
of these was movie called “Zeitgeist”, which aims to prove that Christianity is based on various different other religions, and is not really unique in claiming a crucified savior, or virgin birth etc. It tried
to show how Christianity was in fact derived from sun worship and the stories of Jesus are based on the signs of the zodiac. Take special note how they blend truth and reality, the second part of the movie deals with the events of 9-11 (for which I have found ample evidence by the way, that a lot more happened behind the scenes than the media / state is letting on – but that is a separate topic), and
the third part deals with how money is indeed used to control the masses through global secret organizations like the illuminati. Note their solution at end, where they promote a “new age” approach to life as the answer to all of mankind’s problems. Or in essence a world government, based on scientific knowledge that looks out for everyone’s interests.
History though shows with ultimate power comes ultimate corruption.
I then found the video “Zeitgeist – refuted”. It clearly debunks all the claims made in the original movie, and it shows just how hard Satan is trying to convince the world that Jesus did not exist! It seems fitting this document should end with an answer as positive as this one.
The only way the world makes sense is from a biblical / Christian perspective!

9         Appendix

Most of the video and material are available from the following sources:
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