Why Faith?

Faith 8/365

Ever wondered why faith is required?

Why does faith save us and not works?

Why is this the one requirement, that will determine whether we spend eternity in heaven with God – or go to Hell.

If God really wanted everyone saved, why doesn’t He just rapture us all up for a trip through heaven and hell on say our 13th birthday, and then let us choose?

No-one in his right mind will choose hell then! Or will they?

But is this really fair? Do we really have a choice then?

Why does God require this one specific trait for all that he offers eternal life to?

I believe God wants us to do our thing for a bit in a “controlled environment”.

He wants us to grow and mature free from Him “Forcing” Himself on us.

That way we cannot later claim we had no choice…

He lays the choice before us clear as day though.

We either choose Life or we choose Death, but we need to do so by faith.

This is the same choice Adam and Eve had in the garden: Life or Death, trust that God knows better or do your own thing.

I believe, God then still gives us time after our choice to be sure. We can make the choice for Him and then turn back. Or we can choose against Him, and then turn to Him later in life.

Both you and God needs to be sure though that this is what we really want – and I think this is precisely why Faith is required.

To give us time and the opportunity to change our minds…

So what will you choose? Will you make the choice and stick to it, or will you fall by the wayside?

Will you make the choice for life, and then do your utmost to convince and save your fellow brethren in the same situation?

What will you make of this life?


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