Say yes to something better…


Holiness isn’t about rules and regulations; it’s about getting carried away into a passionate relationship with God. People can adhere to certain external requirements and still not be holy. Power for holy living flows from a relationship with the Holy One. In Exodus 3:5 the ground was holy because God was there. The more we experience the One who lives in us, the holier we’ll become. The power of the Father’s presence imparts purity.

This is why I believe we can’t break the power of sin in our lives by just saying no to temptation. Saying no is critical, but that’s not all that’s required. If it were, people would be able to keep all their New Year’s resolutions, stay out of debt, and never have to diet again. Let’s face it. Saying no isn’t enough. The human heart has to be able to say yes to something better—namely, Someone better.

The affection for lesser lovers must be replaced by a greater affection. And that’s where love-empowered holiness comes in. Overcoming sin is not about gritting your teeth and holding on for dear life. The only way for you to successfully resist sin is by maximizing your pleasure in God.


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